A short update – Look this way for CAD exercises in pdf format

This site has not been updated for a while due to time restrictions, I’ve had all my followers in mind and figured out a way to boost some new life into this.

There will be a new launch plan in place for 2020 with a lot of new content and a revamped website with a focus on interactivity and streamlining the learning experience for everyone looking to learn CAD.

The book which has been the bread and butter for this site will now be hosted on another website in order for this website to focus more on new things and free exercises.

The pdf with cad exercises will be hosted here http://learncadpdf.com/ where it will be discounted with about 25% with the code “learncad”.

I will be putting up a roadmap in the fall on what is to come.

Stay tuned, lots of exciting stuff ahead.