Computer-Aided Design or CAD as it is widely known are the software used by people from various professions (such as designers, architects, drafters, artists or engineers) to help them design a product while also documenting the process of the design. Computer-Aided Design software is the go-to for many as it not only helps create a design but is also used significantly in the modification, analysis, and optimization of it. CAD in 2019 is widely used and has proved itself to be a software that increases the users’ productivity, improves the overall design and the communication through documentation.

A Brief History of CAD

CAD was invented in the mid-1960s and has since been used in more and more fields. Increasing use has led to CAD software getting more and more evolved, thus leading to even better design assistance than ever before. Sometimes CAD is also called CADD which refers to Computer-Aided Design and Drafting. CAD software has been developed for all major computer platforms such as Windows, Linux, MAC OS.

CAD software can be highly specific and may also be designed only for specific fields such as aerospace, mechanical design, architecture, etc. One can also use a more generic version of the CAD software which can enable you to do a little bit of every designing but often will not be able to offer highly specialized skills towards one particular area.

Below are some of the top CAD software in 2019 that one should explore fully before deciding which one to go for.


It is a professional CAD software that can be used effectively for product design and engineering. The scope of the software is very broad and it comes fully loaded with all types of design and engineering tools along with the ease of collaboration. Its robust feature list makes it a very important CAD software.


This online 3D design app is particularly popular amongst teachers, kids, hobbyists, etc. This software is aimed more towards beginners. It consists of an intuitive block building concept which further enables you to develop and design models using some basic shapes. It is a fairly simple program and might have certain limitations if you are looking to design something very complex. If you are a beginner dabbling in 3D design, this can be the perfect tool for you. You can choose from a library of a million files and work with those to create whatever you want.


CREO was launched more than 30 years back and has evolved itself into a highly specialized product design software. It comes as no surprise that today it is one of the market leaders in this field. It is not free like the above two, but a 30-day trial is available for you to use. What CREO is most popular for is that it offers more simulation and tools for analytics in an environment that is integrated. Professionals prefer CREO because it is a complete tool and provides more control over the design.


This too is a widely known program and is very popular amongst professional 3D designers while it is mostly used for product design and developing industrial objects. SolidWorks is also known for creating some very detailed curvatures which most programs don’t. It is a highly detailed and practical program to use. This is not a free program, but the cost is worth the benefits received.

Fusion 360

Provided by Autodesk and available for free for students and educators. The tool provides the facility to design, test and fabricate in a single tool. It provides an easy environment for rendering and simulations as well as collaboration on projects. We have another article on what Fusion 360 is in detail.

While there are a whole lot of programs to choose from, you need to make sure that you choose a program that suits your exact requirements while also making sure that you have the level of skills that each program demands.

Among the software listed above Autodesk Software Inventor and SolidWorks needs a special mention. Inventor can be highlighted as a must-try software because of its feature list and support environment.

Happy designing and good luck finding the right CAD software in 2019.

Comment if you want to know more about any specific CAD program or if you feel I missed a program.