In this tutorial, you will find a step by step guide on how to draw the following geometry by using some of the main sketching tools in SolidWorks. The tools we will learn are lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, fillets and how to trim a sketch.

Exercise 2

Time required: 40min
Difficulty: Beginner
Software: SolidWorks

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1. Open SolidWorks.

2. Click files on the main toolbar.

3. Click new  Create a new documentto create a new document.

  • You can also press ctrl+n.

4. Choose part Creating a new part in the new tab and click ok. Now you can see your new part document.

5. Choose top plane from the design tree and click sketch  Create a new sketch

  • To have a normal view on the selected plane, choose normal to  Normal to selected plane from the click options.
  • You can also press space on your keyboard to see the orientation panel. Then choose normal to.

6. On the sketch tab, click on rectangle  Solidworks Rectangle Tool. As you click on the rectangle tool your mouse pointer will look like this Rectangle tool hover

  • The rectangle tool is one of the main sketching tools. This tool contains four rectangle drawing methods and one parallelogram option.

7. Using the default rectangle tool (corner rectangle), click on origin  Originand start to draw by dragging the mouse to the upper right side.

Creating a rectangle in SolidWorks

8. Click again on the plane to place the rectangle.

9. Click smart dimension  Smart dimensions in solidworks

10. Set the dimensions for the length and width of your rectangle to the same values as in the example below.

Drafting a rectangle in solidworks

  • You can also use rectangle property manager to control the rectangle dimensions.

11. On the sketch tab, select the line tool Solidworks Line Tool

12. Click on L1 side and draw a parallel line to the L2 side, using the vertical guide line.

Sketching a line in a rectangle

13. Click smart dimension.

  • You can also press the key D on your keyboard as that is the command for smart dimension.

14. Select the W1 and W3 line, dimension the distance between them according to the example.

Dimension two parallel lines

15. On the sketch tab, click arc Arc tool in solidworks.

  • Arc is a sketching tool which can be used to draw 3 different types of arcs: center point arcs, tangent arcs and 3 point arcs.

16. Select tangent arc.

Selecting a tangent arc

17. Click on the end point of the L1 side; P1.

18. Drag the mouse to the right to draw the arc.

Drawing an arc in solidworks

19. Click on P2 point to place the arc.

Completing the arc

20. On the sketch tab, click trim entities Trimming in solidworks

  • Trim entities is a sketching tool that allows you to trim or cut away different parts of your sketch entities, such as lines, curves, etc.
  • It has 5 types of trim, which can help you a lot through your sketching.

5 types of trimming

21. Select trim to closest Trim to closest from the property manager.

22. Using this trim tool, select the W2 side to make it bold.

Deleting the redundant line

23. Click to trim it away.

Trim completed

24. On the sketch tab, click circle Circle tool

  • Circle is a sketching tool which enables you to draw circles with two different methods: the center method and the perimeter method

25. Using the default circle tool (center method), select the arcs center point as the circle center point.

  • To see the arc center point, hover around the center and you should be able to see the bold point.

Creating a hole in SolidWorks

  • If you cannot see arc- and circle center points or lines midpoints, check whether your dynamic highlight is on. Go to tools-> options-> system options-> display/selection.

Cannot see center points or midpoints

26. Drag your mouse to the left or right and click to place the circle.

Sketch tutorial almost done

27. Click smart dimension, and select the circle.

28. On the modification tab, write down your dimension according to the example and press enter.

Fully defined sketch

29. For the final details of the geometry, click sketch fillet  Sketch fillet tool

  • The sketch fillet tool trims away the corner at the intersection of two sketch entities to create a tangent arc.

30. Using the fillet tool, click on P3 point to see the fillet preview.

sketching a fillet

31. Enter 10 as the radius in the fillet property manager. Press enter.

PropertyManager sketch fillet

R10 sketch fillet

32. Repeat fillet steps for the P4 point.

Fully defined sketch in solidworks

33. Check if your model is fully defined.

  • Usually the black and blue colors represent defined and undefined geometry in sketching mode.

34. Exit your sketch by clicking on  Exit your sketchto keep your drawings.

35. Click file.

36. Click save.

  • Press ctrl+s to save your file.

Exercise 2 – Advanced sketching features


  • Sketch the following on the right plane.

Exercise #2

  • Pay attention to different methods that each tool provides you.
  • Pay attention because you may need to use the center point arc tool.