In this tutorial, you will find a step by step tutorial on how to create a 3D model in SolidWorks by using 2D sketching tools and 3D features. It will also have one exercise and examples on how to do the different tasks. The geometry that you will create should look like this.

3D CAD Tutorial

Sketch Completed for SolidWorks Exercise 4

Time required: 60 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Software: SolidWorks

Already know what to do and just want to do the exercise? Click here!

1. Open SolidWorks.

2. Click files in the main toolbar.

3. Click new  Create a new document

4. Double-click part  Creating a new partin the new tab to create a new part document.

5. Choose top plane from the design tree, and click sketch  Create a new sketch

  • To have a normal view on the selected plane, choose normal to  Normal to selected planefrom the click options.
  • You can also press space on your keyboard to see the orientation panel. Then choose normal to.

6. On the sketch tab, click on line  Solidworks Line Tooltool.

7. Using the line tool, click on origin  Originand start to draw the geometry lines by using SolidWorks’ horizontal and vertical guidelines.

SolidWorks Vertical Guidelines

8. Click smart dimensions  Smart dimensions in solidworks

9. Dimension the geometry according to the example.

Example for CAD tutorial10. Click arc  Arc in SolidWorkson the sketch tab.

11. Select tangent arc.

Tangent Arc in SolidWorks12. Click on the P1 point.

Radius in a SolidWorks Sketch13. Drag the mouse to draw the arc.

14. Click on P2 point to place the arc.

Completed Arc in SolidWorks Schematic15. Click trim entities  Trimming in solidworks on the sketch tab.

16. Select trim to the closest  5 types of trimmingfrom the property manager.

17. Using this trim tool, select the L1 side to make it bold.

Trimming an Arc 18. Click on it to trim it away.

Big Arc19. Repeat steps 10 to 18 and draw a tangent arc between P3 and P4, then trim the line between them.

Big Arc Completed20. Click smart dimensions  Smart dimensions in solidworks

21. Dimension the arcs according to the example.

Fully Dimensioned SolidWorks Sketch22. Click line.

23. Draw the rectangle shape by using the line tool.

Adding A Base24. Dimension the whole geometry according to the example. Make sure that it is fully defined.

Sketch Completed for SolidWorks Exercise 425. Save and then exit sketch mode.

26. Select the features toolbar.

  • The features toolbar is a collection of all the basic 3D design tools.

SolidWorks Toolbar for 3D Features

27. Select Sketch1 on your property tree.

PropertyManager Sketch28. Click extruded boss/base  Extruded Boss and Base in SolidWorksin the features toolbar. As you click on extrude tool the direction- and property manager will appear.

  • Extrude is one of the most frequently used tools in SolidWorks. It enables you to convert a 2D sketch into a 3D model.
  • It comes with an advanced property manager which has directions, materials, thin features and draft sections.

Extruding to 3D

29. Hover your mouse around the sketch and make the rectangle contour bold, then click on it.

30. Adjust the length of the extrude in direction 1 and direction 2 by entering 100 in dimension fields of the property manager (  D1and  D2).

Extruded Boss Direction31. Click OK  Complete Feature to extrude the sketch.

Extruded Rectangle32. Select sketch1 again.

33. Click revolved boss/base  Revolved Boss - Revolved Base

  • Revolve feature builds your 2D sketch into a 3D model by rotating your sketch about the defined axis.
  • This feature has an axis, directions and a thin feature.

Revolve Properties

34. Hover the mouse around the sketch contour to select it.

35. Click on the axis tab, and then select the L as the rotation axis.

Choosing Rotation Axis36. Make sure that your angle is set to 360 degrees, and then click.

Revolved 3D Feature37. Click fillet  3D Fillet Icon

38. Using the fillet tool, select the following edges.

Using Fillet Features39. Set the fillet radius to 5 mm, and press enter.

How the 3D model looks after 5mm radius
40. Click file.

41. Click save.

Exercise 3 – Creating your first 3D model


  • Practice what you have learned by modeling this example.

  • You can start by drawing the following sketch.

SolidWorks Exercise Guide